AR# 53513


Vivado HLS 2012.3: C/RTL co-simulation with Modelsim standalone fails with the error Fatal: (vsim-7) Failed to open VHDL file "cnt.hdltvin.dat" in rb mode.


While doing C/RTL co-simulation of example design (sc_sequ_cthread) for vhdl, Vivado HLS 2012.3 is able to generate the cosim.modelsim.scr script successfully.

When this script is sourced with the command ``vsim -gui -do cosim.modelsim.scr``, the error message below is returned:

Error: (vsim-7) Failed to open VHDL file "sc_sequ_cthread.hdltvin.dat" in rb mode.

What is the cause?


The typical RTL-simulation flow looks as below:
To successfully run RTL-Simulation in HLS:

In Vivado HLS, click on the Co-Simulation icon and check Verilog or VHDL for RTL selection. 

Optionally, select "Setup Only" to just generate the files. 

Click OK to generate the files. 

The scripts and wrappers will be generated and placed in the project's solution/sim/verilog (or vhdl) folder.

To run simulation with Modelsim, source the or .bat file depending on your OS. 

AR# 53513
Date 07/10/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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