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AR# 53537

14.x PlanAhead - (XAPP 589) "CRITICAL WARNING: [Shape Builder 18-146] Failed to build an RLOC shape for set vcxo_rloc..."


If I use the design provided in the application note (XAPP589) with the PlanAhead tool, the Synthesized/Implemented design returns the following warning:

CRITICAL WARNING: [Shape Builder 18-146] Failed to build an RLOC shape for set vcxo_rloc.
No placement was found that satisfies the grid spacing requirements for all instances in the set. This may be due to an invalid RLOC constraint causing incorrect column spacing. The macro reference instance is uut/Inst_picxo_top/blk000005cf.

Can this be safely ignored?



This warning can be safely ignored and does not occur if the design is opened in Project Navigator.

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AR# 53537
Date 02/24/2015
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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