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14.4 - AXI4-Lite IPIF - C_S_AXI_MIN_SIZE Parameter Explained Further


When referring to the AXI4-Lite IPIF, what is the C_S_AXI_MIN_SIZE parameter?


With reference to DS765 AXI4-Lite IPIF, there is a family of parameters called Address Range Definition Arrays. 

These parameters allow for multiple address ranges to be contained within a peripherals overall address space.

C_S_AXI_MIN_SIZE is a parameter for each peripheral to determine the size of the overall address space that needs to be allocated.

This parameter can be calculated by referring to the high address of the last address range within the peripheral address space and incrementing to the next power of 2.

For example, say a peripheral has the 3 address ranges below and a base address of 0x2000_0000.
Range 1: 
Base Address - 0x2000_0000
High Address - 0x2000_1EEF

Range 2: 
Base Address - 0x2000_2000
High Address - 0x2000_2FFF

Range 3: 
Base Address - 0x2000_3000
High Address - 0x2000_3EEE

To determine the MIN_SIZE parameter, take the high address of the last address range, 0x2000_3EEE, subtract the overall base address, 0x2000_0000, and increment it to the next power of 2. 

The result is 0x3FFF.

AR# 53675
Date 09/12/2014
Status Active
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