AR# 53725


14.2 PlanAhead - "ERROR: [Common 17-39] 'launch_isim' failed due to earlier errors"


The following error message appears when a "Simulation set" is launched:

ERROR: [Common 17-39] 'launch_isim' failed due to earlier errors.


This error occurs if there are invalid characters in the "Simulation Set" name (e.g., "test(spartan3e)") and a Windows Configuration File (*.wcfg) is added to the simulation process.

To work around the problem, you can either:

  • remove the configuration file (*.wcfg) from the Simulation so all signals will be plotted, or
  • create a new "Simulation Set" name with standard alpha-numeric characters and underscores (e.g., "test_spartan3e").

This issue is resolved in the 14.3 PlanAhead tool.

AR# 53725
Date 11/08/2013
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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