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AR# 53840

ISE Design Suite - Why am I receiving the error "Failed to Open Executable ../linux_86_64/vlog in Execute Mode Needed for the Option -64" in Compxlib?


I am trying to compile my libraries for ISE Design Suite 14.3 for ModelSim 10.1c.  

When I use the GUI and designate the -64 option, I receive the error:

Failed to Open Executable ../linux_86_64/vlog in Execute Mode Needed for the Option -64

I am able to compile the libraries via the command line without the -64 switch, but I want to compile the 64 bit libraries. 

How do I overcome this error?



This can occur if you do not have the PATH environment variable pointing to the 64-bit executable location. 

Modifying the PATH environment variable to point to the 64-bit executable allows for a successful compilation of the libraries.

Windows Example:

Path: C:\modeltech64_10.1c\win64

AR# 53840
Date 01/28/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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