AR# 53899


Vivado IP Flows - Selecting "Product Webpage" in the IP Catalog does not take me to the webpage of the selected IP


I have selected an IP in the IP catalog. Now, when I right-click and select "Product Webpage" I do not get a webpage associated with the selected IP.

Instead, I get the general IP landing page or to the AXI Interconnect webpage.


The following IP do not have a product specific webpage and will be re-directed to the most applicable webpage or to the general IP search page.

IP Display Name Version
AXI AHBLite Bridge 1.01.a
AXI Clock Converter 2.0
AXI Crossbar 2.0
AXI Data FIFO 2.0
AXI Data Width Converter 2.0
AXI Memory Mapped To PCI Express 1.05.a
AXI Protocol Converter 2.0
AXI Register Slice 2.0
AXI USB2 Device 3.02.a
AXI3 Master BFM 3.00.a
AXI3 Slave BFM 3.00.a
AXI4 Lite Master BFM 3.00.a
AXI4 Lite Slave BFM 3.00.a
AXI4 Master BFM 3.00.a
AXI4 Slave BFM 3.00.a
AXI4 Streaming Master BFM 3.00.a
AXI4 Streaming Slave BFM 3.00.a
AXI4-Stream Broadcaster 1.0
AXI4-Stream Clock Converter 1.0
AXI4-Stream Combiner 1.0
AXI4-Stream Data FIFO 1.0
AXI4-Stream Data Width Converter 1.0
AXI4-Stream Register Slice 1.0
AXI4-Stream Subset Converter 1.0
AXI4-Stream Switch 1.0
ECC 1.1
G.709 FEC Encoder/Decoder 1.0
G.975.1 EFEC I.7 Encoder/Decoder 1.0
Mailbox 1.01.a
Spdif 1.2
AR# 53899
Date 01/21/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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