AR# 53934


How to increase the speed of ISim based hardware co-simulation?


Because of long simulation times, the ISE tools offer a Hardware Co-Simulation tool to increase the speed of critical logic by implementing that logic in hardware and using that logic as a simulation co-processor. Because simulation speed is the primary motivation for using HW-Cosim, are there any additional steps that can be taken to increase the simulation speed?


In the 14.1 ISE Simulation Tool (ISim), a new switch has been added to increase the simulation speed. This switch is as follows:

"-hwcosim_no_combinational_path "

This switch allows for faster simulation times by disabling internal processing logic for combinatorial feed-through paths.

This switch is available only in the ISE 14.1 and later tool versions. For a solution to an earlier version of ISE tools, please contact Xilinx Technical Support for assistance.

AR# 53934
Date 01/23/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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