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Vivado - Is it possible to open a checkpoint in an earlier version of Vivado?


I have created acheckpointin the current version of Vivado Design Suite. Now, I wouldlike toopen thecheckpointin a previousversion of software.


Due to requirements for IP Security, you cannot read in a checkpoint (specifically the xdef) created in a software version newer than the version of Vivado being used. However, if you are simply looking to get the same placement, you can use the methodology below (Note:Runningthebelow commandswill besubstantially faster without the GUI open).

In the later version (e.g. 2012.4),

set_property IS_LOC_FIXED 1 [get_cells -filter {PRIMITIVE_LEVEL==LEAF} -hier *]
set_property IS_BEL_FIXED 1 [get_cells -filter {PRIMITIVE_LEVEL==LEAF} -hier *]
write_xdc exclude_timing placement.xdc

In the earlier version (e.g. 2012.3),

Read_xdc placement.xdc
AR# 53938
Date 01/23/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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