AR# 53940


Vivado - The "Go To Instantiation" option is not available in the Vivado design view


I have an open design (RTL, synthesized or implemented) in the Vivado design tool and have selected an object in the design. I would like to cross probe to the location where the object is instantiated or inferred in my source code, however, the "Go To Instantiation" option is not available.

What could be wrong?

What can be done about it?


The "Go To Instantiation" option is only available if the selected object has a FILE_NAME or LINE_NUMBER property on it.

  • These properties are only generated/annotated when using the Vivado Synthesis tool. Therefore, if you are using a third-party synthesis netlist (Synplify, Precision, or XST), the properties will not exist for these objects and the "Go To Instantiation" option will not be available when they are selected.
  • The properties and capability are only on cell objects (instances), so make sure you have a cell (either hierarchical or leaf) selected.
  • Physical cells (like GND and VCC tie-offs) cannot be cross-probed.
  • Having an out-of-date design relative to the source does not disable the cross-probing. However, if the line numbers in the source have changed, the cross-probing can lead to the wrong location, as it will go to the line number of the original source.

If you do report_property or get_property for the FILE_NAME or LINE_NUMBER properties on instances, you can get access to the information for any elaborated or post-synthesis netlist through Tcl.

In some cases, an object does not have FILE_NAME or LINE_NUMBER associated with it even though Vivado Synthesis was used. In these cases, a user may often be able to cross-probe to the instantiating source by selecting the driver of the object in question (e.g., select a LUT component that drives a Flip-Flop you are interested in) or by selecting the next hierarchical level object.

AR# 53940
Date 10/23/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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