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Vivado - How can I change the severity of a message?


I would like to change the message severity of a particular message. For example, there is a certain Critical Warning that I would like upgraded to an Error, or a Warning message that I would like downgraded to an Info message.

How do I change message severity?


To change the severity of a particular message, use the Tcl command "set_msg_severity".

Type "set_msg_severity  -help" in the Tcl console  or in a Vivado Tcl shell to get the complete command description and syntax.

The possible severities for a message and their general definitions are:

  • ERROR - An ERROR condition implies an issue has been encountered which will render design results unusable and cannot be resolved without user intervention.
  • CRITICAL WARNING - A CRITICAL WARNING message indicates that certain input/constraints will either not be applied or are outside the best practices for a FPGA family. User action is strongly recommended.

      Note: Since this is a two word value, it must be enclosed in {} or "".

  • WARNING - A WARNING message indicates that design results may be sub-optimal because constraints or specifications may not be applied as intended. User action may be taken or may be reserved.
  • INFO - An INFO message is the same as a STATUS message, but includes a severity and message ID tag. An INFO message includes a message ID to allow further investigation through answer records if needed.
  • STATUS - A STATUS message communicates general status of the process and feedback to the user regarding design processing. A STATUS message does not include a message ID.


Every message delivered by the tool has a unique global message ID that consists of an application sub-system code and a message identifier. This results in a message ID that looks like the following:
"Common 17-54"
"Netlist 29-28"
"Synth 8-3295"

Use this command to customize the message severity returned by the tool to specific levels appropriate to your usage.

Note: You can restore the message severity of a specific message ID to its original setting with the reset_msg_severity command.


The following example reduces or downgrades the significance of message ID "Common 17-54" from a CRITICAL WARNING to a WARNING so that it causes less concern when encountered:

set_msg_severity "Common 17-54" WARNING

The following example elevates or upgrades a common INFO message to a Critical Warning:

set_msg_severity "Common 17-81" "CRITICAL WARNING"

The severity of a DRC check can be set using the set_property command.

Example: Run the below command in Tcl console of Vivado to set the severity of "NSTD-1" to Warning

set_property SEVERITY {Warning} [get_drc_checks NSTD-1] 

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