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Vivado 2012.4/ISE 14.4 - Device Pack (2012.4.1) Release Notes


This answer record serves as the 2012.4 Vivado / 14.4 ISE Design Suite Device Pack(P.49d_upd1.0.0) Release Notes and contains links to information regarding what is included in the device pack.


The Vivado 2012.4 / ISE Design Suite 14.4 Device Pack (2012.4.1) contains the following content:
  • Production Speed Files for Artixand Zynq devices
  • GTP Production Support for A100and200
    • 7 Series FPGAs Transceivers Wizard v2.5- ISE update only
    • 7 Series Integrated Block for PCI Express v1.8

The Device Pack also contains fixes for the following issues related to the 2012.4and 14.4 WebPACK Edition install:

In addition to addressing the above issues, the Install Definition for the update was fixed to enable program group detection in Updater and to allow Xilinx Notify to alert customers of the update availability.

The Device Pack is approximately 330 MB in size and is intended to be installed on top of a Xilinx Design Tools 14.4/2012.4 install.

  • Use Help -> About to ensure that you are using ISE14.4.1 or Vivado2012.4.1

The update is available at:

AR# 54044
Date 02/27/2013
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