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Vivado - How to get resource utilization of one sub module?


How can I get the resource utilization of one sub module?
How can I generate a Module-Level utilization report?


You can follow the steps below to generate a module level utilization report.

  1. Run Implementation and open the implemented design.
  2. Click Tools --> Report Utilization. This directs you to a dialog box. Click OK.
  3. This opens a window at the bottom of the Vivado IDE where you can see module level utilization.

If you want to export the module level utilization to a report file, you can use the below command in the Tcl console of Vivado:

report_utilization -hierarchical  -file location_of_the_report_file
To report the utilization of a specific cell, use the report_utilization Tcl command as follows:
report_utilization -cells sub_module_name
report_utilization -cells [get_cells sub_module_name]
AR# 54053
Date 12/08/2014
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