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Virtex-7 FPGA VC707 Evaluation Kit - UG885 (v1.1) Table 1-26 Directional Pushbutton Switches


Table 1-26, on page 49 of the VC707 Evaluation Board User Guide, v1.1 (UG885), lists the GPIO Connections to the FGPA U1. This table includes the Directional Pushbutton Switches.

The FPGA (U1) pin given for GPIO_SW_E and GPIO_SW_S does not match the pin in the VC707 schematic.

Which one is correct?


The VC707 has the correct pinout for the GPIO Directional Pushbutton Switches. This correct pinout is as follows:

The VC707 Evaluation Board User Guide UG885 v1.2 (UG885) includes the corrected table.

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