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AR# 54108

14.4 EDK - AXI Quad SPI 1.00a has glitch between words


Between word transactions, there is a glitch on the MOSI line in the 1.00a version of the core, (See picture attached: 1.0_glitch). This may cause issues with on-board level shifters that have a minimum pulse-width of greater than the glitch, generally one reference clock.


This issue is rectified in the 2.00a version of the core. In the attached image (2.0_glitch), you will see the same transaction (0x55 followed by 0xAA), with no glitch on the MOSI line between words
AR# 54108
Date 02/04/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
  • EDK - 14
  • AXI Quad SPI
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