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2012.x - Signals created with a generate statement not saved to WFCG file


In Vivado 2012.x I am running a simulation which has waveform objects that are associated with signals created from a generate statement in the RTL.

I add the objects to the Waveform Viewer and save the result as a WFCG file.

However, I cannot see these signals when I rerun the simulation and open the WFCG file.


The following work-arounds are available:

Option 1: This behavior does not occur with ISIM so you can Simulate with ISIM instead.

Option 2: When you add the objects into the waveform viewer, a corresponding Tcl command appears in the console.

You can create a Tcl script and amend these add_wave commands.

Save the script then next time you launch the simulation you can source the script.
source <your_script>.tcl

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AR# 54284
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