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AR# 54352

14.4 - XPS -SDK - IP created in CIP (Create or Import Peripheral) wizard in XPS is failing in SDK libgen as xio.h and xbasic_types.h cannot be found


A problem occurs if a simple IP is created with an AXI interface with register access and soft reset, and if the "create a sample driver" box is ticked in the CIP wizard. 

If this project is exported to SDK with the driver included in the repository, or using the example code provided in the driver, the SDK will fail in libgen noting that the xio.h or the xbasic_types.h cannot be found, or that the <IP_NAME>_USER_NUM_REG cannot be defined.

How can I fix this?


This is a known issue. 

To fix the issue, open the driver source files created in the CIP wizard seen below;


Change the following:

#include "xio.h"
#include "xbasic_types.h"


#include "xil_io.h"
#include "xil_types.h"


Change the following:

#include "xio.h"


#include "xil_io.h"
#include "xil_types.h"

and add:


Note: When adding custom drivers to SDK, the hierarchy will need to look like:
<Project Directory>\drivers\MyProcessorIPLib\drivers\<IP_NAME>_v1_00_a
Then, in Xilinx Tools -> Repositories, add and point to the drivers folder (highlighted).
AR# 54352
Date 10/14/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Zynq-7000
  • EDK - 14.1
  • EDK - 14.2
  • EDK - 14.3
  • EDK - 14.4
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