AR# 54359


Vivado - "write_verilog" command with "-rename_top" option does not work


When the command "write_verilog -rename_top <new_entity_name> <HDL_netlist>.v" is used, the Verilog file created does not rename the entity/module.


This is correct behavior.

The "-rename_top" option of the "write_verilog" command only works with "-mode funcsim/timesim".

The default option for write_verilog is "-mode design".

For the VHDL command "write_vhdl", the default mode option is "-mode funcsim" so with the same command parameters, the tool will rename the entity/module:

"write_vhdl -rename_top <new_entity_name> <HDL_netlist>.vhdl".

AR# 54359
Date 12/11/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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