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14.4 SysGen - Cannot use shared memory in Simulink Library


I have created a custom simulink library which contains a number of shared memories that I would like to add to the memory map of an EDK Processor when using the pcore export flow. However, when I open the EDK Processor block and try to add the memory to its memory map, I receive this error:

"No shared memory by that name found. The options in the list box may be stale. Close and reopen the block mask to refresh the list box."

What is wrong? How do I resolve this issue?


This is a known issue with ISE System Generator, but not an issue with Vivado design tools.

There are presently three workarounds for ISE System Generator:

1) Rather than use a Simulink Library, create a subsystem and copy it into desired models. The error only occurs when trying to map memories that are inside custom Simulink Libraries

2) If you require Simulink Libraries, you can break the link to the library. You can script this using these commands:

a = find_system(gcs, 'LookUnderMasks','all',...
                     'FollowLinks'   ,'on', ...
                     'ReferenceBlock','test_lib/CONTROL')      for n = 1:numel(a)
   set_param(a{n}, 'LinkStatus', 'inactive');

Make sure to replace the 'ReferenceBlock' field with the particular library for which you are trying to break the link.

Note that you can restore disabled links as necessary. Please see this document for more information:

3) There is a patch available for Windows 64-bit OS. See (Xilinx Answer 56214)

Please note this issue has been fixed in System Generator 14.6 and where possible this release should be used.

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