AR# 54677


Vivado IP Flows - Generated IP target files delivered in Vivado are always READ ONLY in the Vivado Text Editor


After generating an IP core in the Vivado tool, I open one of the delivered target files (e.g., <my_core>.vhd). When these files are opened in the Vivado Text Editor, it is not possible to edit them as they are read only.

They do not show up as READ ONLY when viewed outside of the Vivado tool. Is the READ ONLY designation in Vivado IDE intentional?

Is it possible to edit the IP core target files?


The IP target files are not intended to be edited manually by a user. For this reason, Vivado will open the files as READ ONLY to allow the user to view the content.

In extreme situations where the user is required to edit the files, the user can do one of the following:

  • Modify the files in an external text editor.  
    • The limitations to this approach are:
      • Vivado will not be aware of the changes and
      • if the IP needs to be regenerated or upgraded, the changes will be overwritten.
  • In the Vivado 2013.2 and later tools, an IP core can be "unlinked" from the Vivado flow control.
    • To unlink an IP core the IS_MANAGED property of the IP core needs to be set to '0'
      Example: "set_property IS_MANAGED {0} [get_ips char_fifo])
    • This allows IP core targets to be opened and edited within the Vivado IDE.  The target is still pointed to by the IP core XCI file but is handled as any other source file at this point.
    • The IP core file becomes "locked" when the IS_MANAGED property is turned off. This prevents the IP from being upgraded or regenerated. If a user later decides to upgrade the IP core, they should back up any changes that will still be required and then relink the IP (set IS_MANAGED to '1').
AR# 54677
Date 10/03/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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