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2012.4 Vivado Implementation Tools - How do I do manual routing in Vivado GUI?


 How can I manually route in the Vivado GUI?


Please follow the instructions below to route a net manually:

1. Click the net you want to route manually in Device view.


2.  Right click and select "Assign Routing Mode" from the pull-down menu.

3. The mode is changed and the two lists appear on the right:


The possible routing resources are highlighted with a dotted line.

In the "Assigned Pip/Nodes" list, Pip/Nodes already selected for routing are displayed.

 4. Click on one of the possible routing resources. The color will change and it is added to the "assigned Pip/Nodes" list. 


5. Right-Click and select "Assign Routing...". Assigned Routing is displayed in the box.


6. Click the "OK" button. The routed net is shown with a dotted line which means the routing is fixed.



7. Click the "Save Constraints button". 

Select File -> Write Checkpoint... to save the routed design.

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