AR# 5472


Foundation (all versions) Project Manager: Automation failed, exit with error code 80080005


Keywords: automation, error code, 80080005, exception

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

When the Project Manager starts, or when other options are selected
(such as accessing a menu option) the following appears:
Automation failed, exit with error code 80080005.



This can result from the absence of Windows NT Service Pack 3.
WinNT Service Pack 3 is required to run Foundation F1.5/F1.5i.
Service Pack 3 may be downloaded from Microsoft at


This can be the result of a bad registery setting for xie32.exe
or the executable itself missing from fndtn\bint\nt. Before
modifying the registry, copy xie32.exe to the correct directory.

Verifying the registry setting using the following steps:

1- Goto "Start -> Run", type regedit and select "Ok".
2- In the Registry Editor select "Edit -> Find".
3- In the Find dialog enter xie32.
4- The path displayed must point to the currently installed xie32.exe.
This executable is located in the fndtn\bin\nt directory.
5- If the path is incorrect, select "Default" and right click with the
mouse. This will open the Edit String dialog allowing you to
modify the path.
6- Save the registry and exit.
7- Restart Foundation.
AR# 5472
Date 08/12/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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