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AR# 5482

LOGIBLOX, 4000XLA/SpartanXL Aligned RPM - MAP "ERROR:baste:190 or OldMap:233" - Bad format for RLOC attribute


Keywords: 4000XLA, SpartanXL, LogiBLOX, M1.5.25, M2.1,
RLOC, Aligned RPM, counter, adder, accumulator, comparator

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
I am generating a module using LogiBLOX, targeting the 4000XLA
or SpartanXL device family; if the Style is set to ALIGNED RPM for
certain functions containing carry logic, I get an error similar to
the following during MAP:

(Error from 1.5i)
ERROR:baste:190 - Bad format for RLOC attribute on [module name] symbol "[symbol_name]".

(Error from 2.1i)
ERROR:OldMap:233 - Bad format for RLOC attribute on [module name]
symbol "[symbol_name]".


The work-around is to set the style to "ALIGNED"
instead of "ALIGNED RPM".

With style set to "Aligned", no RPM is created, so
the macro cannot be RLOC'd as a complete block. However,
carry logic should still fall into place correctly.

In addition to the LogiBLOX Counters, Adders, Accumulators, and some
Comparators are also affected.
AR# 5482
Date 02/15/2001
Status Archive
Type ??????
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