AR# 5486


4.1i LogiBLOX - There is no LogiBLOX support for Spartan-II and Virtex (or higher) devices


General Description:

When I target a Spartan-II, Virtex, or higher device, the LogiBLOX menu entry in the in the Program Manger "Options" menu is greyed out. In ISE, this option in "New Sources" is not available.


This occurs because the Virtex architecture is not supported by LogiBLOX. The same behavior is true when running LogiBLOX in stand-alone mode.

To generate parameterized modules for the Virtex architecture, please use the Xilinx CORE Generator application.

For information on CORE Generator replacements for LogiBLOX modules, please refer to the LogiBLOX Compatibility Guide located at:

AR# 5486
Date 02/26/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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