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Project Navigator - Project in revision control contains EDK source file but when opened in Project Navigator GUI it fails to regenerate


I have a ISE Project Navigator design which includes an EDK project. The overall design has been saved in a revision control environment and after rebuilding the project from the revision control repository, I get the following errors when re-running the design.

*                     Design Hierarchy Analysis                         *
Analyzing hierarchy for entity  in library <work> (architecture <struct>) with generics.
        PLID = 145
ERROR:HDLCompilers:87 - "../../../pce_uart_lib/pce_uart/my_edk/test/test_top.v" line 19 Could not find module/primitive 'test'

I have found that if I remove the EDK/XPS project from the design and re-add it to the design, then the issue does not occur and the project regenerates without issue.

Why would this occur?


It was found that not all necessary files for the EDK/XPS project to be rebuilt were included in the revision control repository.

Included all of the following files into the repository fixed the problem.



The .xpssim, .xpssyn, .xpsupb files are XML files created by XPS that tell Project Navigator which files it needs to track for out of date computation for simulation, synthesis, and bitgen, respectively. So, all files which are included or listed in these three XML files should be included in the revision control repository, as it is possible they will be referenced inside the Project Navigator XISE file.

AR# 54861
Date 04/05/2013
Status Archive
Type General Article
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