AR# 54867


LogiCORE IP DisplayPort v3.2 - Missing FORCE_DUAL_PIXEL parameter


In DisplayPort v2.3 core, the FORCE_DUAL_PIXEL parameter (address offset 0x008) allows the Receiver interface to always output two valid pixels at a time. When upgrading to v3.2 core, this parameter no longer exists. How do I force two valid pixels at a time?


The FORCE_DUAL_PIXEL feature was resource intensive. In the latest DisplayPort core, we introduced quad pixel support which would have used even more resources if we had kept the FORCE_DUAL_PIXEL feature. Due to timing and resource reasoning, we have removed FORCE_DUAL_PIXEL feature.


1) If the design uses two or more lanes on the pixel interface, then "dual_pixel" mode can always be achievable and will not need the FORCE_DUAL_PIXEL feature at all.

2) If the design uses only one lane, the user will need to implement a small glue logic outside of the IP to buffer up to two pixels, and toggle the video enable to send both pixels in a burst, therefore achieving what the FORCE_DUAL_PIXEL feature was doing.

Please see (Xilinx Answer 33258) for a detailed list of LogiCORE IP DisplayPort Release Notes and Known Issues.

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3/11/2013 - Initial Release

AR# 54867
Date 03/27/2013
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