AR# 54875


Project Navigator - Running Synplify_Pro from ISE with non-standard top library


When running Synplify_Pro from ISE when using a top module in a library other than the work library, the following error occurs in the Synplify .srr report:

@E: Could not find specified top level fpgatop (library: work, cell: fpgatop)Process took 0h:00m:01s realtime, 0h:00m:01s cputime




This error is occuring because line 396 of the Synplify .prj file created from a script by ISE does not include the library prefix when setting the top module.

For example, the line:

set_option -top_module <module_name>

should read:

set_option -top_module <libraryname.module_name>

When the .prj file is changed to reflect this, Synplify can be run with the .prj file stand-alone. 

The script to fix the automatic creation of the .prj file will be fixed in a future release.

AR# 54875
Date 10/09/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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