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2013.x Vivado, 14.5/6 iMPACT, Flash Programming, ChipScope, PromGen - I do not see iMPACT or ChipScope when I install the Vivado 2013.1 tools


Where can I find the iMPACT, PromGen and ChipScope tools in the Vivado 2013.x install? How can I program my SPI or BPI Flash? How can I program my Efuse or AES key?


The iMPACT and ChipScope Pro analyzer tools are part of the ISE Design Suite 14.5 install (not the Vivado install from 2013.1 forward). Xilinx does not have plans to deliver iMPACT or ChipScope Pro analyzer with the ids_lite package in the standalone Vivado 2013.1 installation. If you need these tools, you will need to use or install the ISE Design Suite 14.x Lab Tools installation. This will give you the capability to use Promgen, ChipScope Analyzer and iMPACT functionality, including Indirect Programming for SPI and BPI flash. Vivado tools do not have equivalent functionality for Promgen or Indirect Flash Programming.

To install only iMPACT and ChipScope tools (rather than the full installation) when running the installer, select LabTools - Standalone Installation as the product to install:

AR# 54939
Date 08/27/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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