AR# 54988


2012.4 Vivado - Write_Bitstream produces an Abnormal program termination when using the "-logic_location_file" switch


My script contains the following "write_bitstream" command:

write_bitstream -force -logic_location_file {./test/test_1.bit}

When running the script it errors out with the following:

Writing logic location file ./test/test_1.ll...
Abnormal program termination (11)
Please check '/hs_err_pid12939.log' for details

Why does this occur?


This issue exist in Vivado 2012.4 and is caused by the use of the "-logic_location_file" switch.

The following options can be used to work around this problem.

  • Upgrade to Vivado 2031.1.  The issue has been fixed in the 2013.1 release.
  • Remove the "-logic_location_file" switch
  • Use the following command line:
    write_bitstream -ise -force -logic_location_file {./test/test_1.bit}"

    This will run ISE Bitgen instead of Vivado write_bitstream and the issue will not occur.



AR# 54988
Date 06/09/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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