AR# 5506


FPGA Express: out of virtual memory error. synopsys internal error 217


Keywords: FPGA Express, 2.1.3, winNT, out of virtual memory, synopsys internal error,
217, hang, crash, core dump, optimization

Urgency: Normal

General Description:
Compiling certain designs through FPGA Express may result in the following
error after being stuck during the Optimization stage on "implementing inferred operators"

out of virtual memory error.
synopsys internal error: 217


In the modules tab of constraints editor, set Operator Sharing OFF on the top level design.
Also, it is recommended to use AREA/LOW_effort option for faster CPU time.

Increase the amount of physical and virtual memory if possible.

Be sure to use the latest version of FPGA Express, as issues like these are addressed with
each new release.

See (Xilinx Solution 7382) for more details about a similar issue.
AR# 5506
Date 08/11/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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