AR# 55138


MIG 7 Series RLDRAM II - incorrect error message for data mask pin allocation when verifying pin out in MIG GUI


Version Found: v1.9
Version Resolved: See (Xilinx Answer 45195) and (Xilinx Answer 54025)
When verifying a custom pinout using the Fixed Pin Out mode or "Verify Pin Changes and Update Design" mode, the following error message is displayed:

ERROR : The port "rldii_dm[1]" is not aligned with its strobe pair  "rldii_qk_p[1]" and "rldii_qk_n[1]"Mask  component ports should be allocated either in the same bank or above or below bank.





This is a false error message as Data Mask (DM) does not have an alignment requirement with QK/QK#.

However, this does indicate a pin out violation with DM elsewhere. 

To work around the DM violation make sure that all of the DM pin out requirements are being met:

Data Mask (DM) must be placed with one of the corresponding data byte lanes it is associated with.

For the x18 device, DM[0] corresponds to DQ[8:0] and DM[1] to DQ[17:9], while for the x36 device, DM[0] corresponds to DQ[8:0]/DQ[26:18] and DM[1] to DQ[17:9]/DQ[35/27].
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AR# 55138
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