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AR# 55203

Vivado - 2013.x Vivado Synthesis - What is the purpose of RuntimeOptimized option when passed to the -directive switch?


Vivado Synthesis has added a switch -directive to 2013.1. The switch can be accessed both via the synthesis settings of Vivado IDE or via the synth_design Tcl command.


The -directive switch can either have Default or RumtimeOptimized as its options. These options direct synthesis to achieve specific design objectives. Only one directive can be specified for a single synth_design command. The explanation of the options are as follows:

Default: This option is directed for a Normal synthesis run.

RuntimeOptimized: This option disables RTL optimizations and thus helps to speed up runtime.

AR# 55203
Date 04/03/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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