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AR# 55400

14.5 PlanAhead - Generating an IP core in PlanAhead gives: ERROR: Unable to find component instance within project


I have created a project and added existing IP cores (XCO files) in PlanAhead.

When generating IP, (for example via Run Synthesis) the first IP core is created correctly. 

However, subsequent IP cores will not generate and fail with an empty CORE Generator log.

ERROR: Unable to find component instance within project
ERROR: [IP_Flow 19-98] Generation of the IP CORE failed.


This error has been seen in the following situation.

  1. Where the user has a separate directory of .xco files.
  2. Where .xco files are added to a project without the files being copied to the project directory.
    (For example if the add_files Tcl command is used without the copy option).

This is leaving the .xco files in their original location.

When the first core is generated there is a CORE Generator project created in the location of this new core.

When the next core is generated it attempts to re-use the CORE Generator project created above.

However this project does not have any other IP registered with it (apart from the original core), and so fails to find the registered core and gives the above error.

Opening the coregen.cgp file with CORE Generator in the XCO directory which is generated by PlanAhead allows the IP to be generated.

After generating the IP in CORE Generator, you can re-open PlanAhead.

The IP core can now be regenerated or recustomized correctly in PlanAhead.

PlanAhead 14.6 will be updated to do the following:
  • Issue a CRITICAL WARNING to the user if they attempt to call add_files on an XCO file in the same directory as other XCO files
    The warning includes guidance that 'import_ip' may be more suitable.
  • Issue an ERROR to the user if a CORE Generator run returns an error for an instance that exists in a directory alongside other XCO files.
    The error describes the probable cause, and includes guidance that separate directories should be used for remote IP.
AR# 55400
Date 08/12/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
  • ISE Design Suite - 14.5
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