AR# 55431


14.5 SDK - JTAG Cable Auto Detect always selects TCF when Digilent cable is used


On 14.5 SDK attempted:

  • execution of a simple hello_world application
  • FPGA programming

But, both failed displaying the same error dialog and console message:

"Failed to connect to Xilinx hw_server. Check if the hw_server is running and correct TCP port is used."


hw_server is used with the TCF infrastructure for debugging and it only supports Digilent and has to be launch manually from a shell.

The 'Auto Detect' option always chooses the TCF flow when the Digilent cable is plugged in.

If you do not want to use the TCF infrastructure, you must change the JTAG cable pull-down menu from Auto Detect to 'Digilent USB Cable' and resolve the error.

This change is found from SDK's Xilinx Tools -> Configure JTAG Settings. Again, changing from Auto Detect to Digilent USB Cable resolves the issue.

AR# 55431
Date 04/15/2013
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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