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AR# 55442

Vivado - The size of a Design Checkpoint (DCP) file is not consistent


If you do multiple writes of a checkpoint, without any other GUI or TCL interaction between the writes, move the checkpoint files and then repeat the process, the subsequent check point files have ever changing file size.

I understand that a dcp file is a zip file of the edif, xdc, xdef and a couple of other metadata files.  Therefore, I would have expected them to be the same size, possibly with identical MD5 check sums.


The content of the dcp should be the same.  However, due to having a different timestamp, the size and MD5 checksum could be expected to change.

Zip is getting different input because the timestamp (and only the time stamp) changes on write.  Changing the input will change the Huffman encoding and the final output file size.

AR# 55442
Date 04/08/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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