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Vivado - Where are the vivado.jou and vivado.log files created and can this location be changed?


Where does the Vivado Design Suite create the vivado.jou and vivado.log files and can this location be changed?


If Vivado is opened from a command window or shell, the vivado.jou and vivado.log files are created in the CWD directory that Vivado was launched from.

When a user opens Vivado tools from the Windows "Start menu", by default, the vivado.jou and vivado.log files are created in the APPDATA%\Xilinx\Vivado directory. This will typically be a directory location similar to the following:


Note: The same applies for the PlanAhead tool and the planahead.jou and planahead.log files. However, the default Windows "Start in" location is %APPDATA%\Xilinx\planAhead.

There is no specific variable to change this location, however, there are some options available to users.

  1. Invoke Vivado tools from the directory where you would like these files to be created.
  2. If starting Vivado tools from the command line, you can specify where the .jou and .log files should be created by using the following command:
    vivado -log C:\temp_location\vivado.log -journal C:\temp_location\vivado.jou
  3. If you are using a windows shortcut, you can change the shortcut "start in" property to point to the location where you want to place these files.
  4. Also, you can start Vivado tools by double-clicking the project file, (.xpr). This will ensure that the .jou and .log files are placed in the project directory.

The name of the log file can be programmatically returned with the following command:


This will return the name of the log file (vivado.log by default) but will not return the directory where the log is located.

If you are on a Windows operating system, you can use the _RDI_CWD variable to get the location Vivado was launched from. Run the following command:

puts $env(_RDI_CWD)

Note, however that this will not be the output log directory if Vivado was launched with the -log option.

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