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AR# 55469

Vivado Synthesis - Passing a generic constant through Vivado Project settings causes synthesis to fail with "Error [Synth 8-111] bad syntax for constant: ''"


I am passing variable as a generic (-generic {XYZ INV}) to my design but synthesis gives the following error:

"ERROR: [Synth-111] bad syntax for constant: 'INV'"

I have attempted to set the generic in the "Language Options" under "Project Settings..." as well as with the set_property Tcl command.
If I change the variable to some constant value (numeric), then synthesis goes through fine.


The issue is that when a string is passed to generic, the constant string is not maintained as a variable.

In the example above, the generic is passed to synthesis as XYZ = \"INV\", but synthesis is failing with "error [Synth 8-111] bad syntax for constant: 'INV'".

If the user escapes the variable as shown in the following example, synthesis gets the correct value and is able to pass:

-generic {XYZ={"INV"}} 
set_property generic {XYZ={\"INV\"}} [current_fileset]
AR# 55469
Date 04/15/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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