AR# 55503


JESD204 V4.0 - Vivado - Setting Rx Lanes in use to less than the value chosen during configuration causes Rx Data Valid not to be asserted correctly


When the core is configured in one of the following modes:

  • Receive Core
  • Shared Core with Receiver in use

  • The number of lanes used is less than the number chosen when generating the core (selected by setting the rx_lanes_in_use register to a value less than the default),
the core will not output data on the AX4-Stream interface as expected, the rxN_tvalid signal(s) will not be asserted by the core.


It is recommended to select the correct number of lanes during core generation for the device connected to the core. If this is not possible, then create a Webcase to request an update to the IP. This will be resolved in a later version of the core.

Revision History:
04/11/13 - Initial Release 

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AR# 55503
Date 06/12/2013
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