AR# 556

POWERVIEW 5.3.1, WIR2XNF 5.x:Error 4 'Couldn't find workview.msg in WDIR'


Change in PowerView 5.3.1 may cause WIR2XNF Error 4:

Couldn't find the message file workview.msg in the local or WDIR directories.
WIR2XNF ERROR 4: Internal initialization failure : IWINIT FAILURE
1 Errors and 0 Warnings occurred during processing.
Sorry, errors found, could not create output file


In the 5.3.1 release of ViewLogic's PowerView, the location of the
workview.msg file is no longer in the <workview install>/standard directory.
Because of this, the error message shown above is produced.

The file now resides in <workview install>/standard/531. Adding this path to
the WDIR environment variable should solve the problem.

AR# 556
Date 08/20/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article