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AR# 55694

PetaLinux v12.12 - Install - ERROR: Unable to perform initial kernel tree checkout when running settings.sh


When I run the PetaLinux settings.(c)sh script, I see a message like the following:

INFO: Initialising kernel tree. Please be patient.
ERROR: Unable to perform initial kernel tree checkout


When the settings.(c)sh script is sourced, it looks for a file called $PETALINUX/.installed.  This file is empty and its presence alone is to flag the settings script that PetaLinux has been completely and properly installed.
If the $PETALINUX/.installed file is not found, then the settings.(c)sh script calls $PETALINUX/tools/bin/lin/petalinux-finalize-install in order to perform last-minute setup of the PetaLinux tools.  This is normal and expected when running the settings script for the first time.  The petalinux-finalize-install command looks for a pack file called $PETALINUX/software/linux-2.6.x/.git/objects/pack.  This file is the packaged version of the Linux kernel source tree.  The petalinux-finalize-install command extracts this package into $PETALINUX/software/linux-2.6.x.

If the packed up version of the kernel does not exist (for example, if the  $PETALINUX/software/linux-2.6.x/.git directory is missing or renamed), then the petalinux-finalize-install command displays the error seen above.

If the user knows that PetaLinux has already been configured properly (including the kernel unpacking) but the $PETALINUX/.installed file is missing or damaged for some reason, the user can manually create the file with this command:

touch $PETALINUX/.installed

The presence of this file will prevent the settings.(c)sh script for trying to unpack the kernel again and mitigate the error seen above.

AR# 55694
Date 04/24/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
  • FPGA Device Families
  • SoC
  • EDK - 14
  • EDK - 14.4
  • ISE Design Suite - 14
  • ISE Design Suite - 14.4
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