AR# 557


XBLXGS 5.x: possible cause of error "Bad status 79500182 from ddp_perform_check"


Keywords: XBLOX, error, bad status, ddp

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

An XBLOX design fails in XBLXGS when Fncsim8 is run with the -o option, but
works O.K. when fncsim8 is run with the -g option. When the design is run
as fncsim8 <design> -o the fncsim8.log file lists the following:

Making new bus_if09 symbol now...
Copying graphics now...
Copying instances now...
Copying nets now...
XBLXGS: ERROR: Bad status 79500182 from ddp_perform_check.

The problem is caused because the symbol ended up with obsolete pin names.
How this happened is still a mystery (Mar. 31, 1995). The new Unified
symbol contains the pin names X and B(8:0), but not MENTOR_BUS and


Fncsim8 -o fails in XBLXGS on an XBLOX design with ddp_perform_check error

ERROR MESSAGE: XBLXGS ERROR: Bad status 79500182 from ddp_perform_check.



If you get an XBLXGS ddp_perform_check error, check if you have BUS_IFxx
symbols (where xx is a number) in your design. If so, check the pin names.
If the pin names are MENTOR_BUS and XBLOX_BUS, do an "Update -> Instance"
on all BUS_IFXX symbols. This will correct the problem. If you do not
have BUS_IFxx symbols, then something else is wrong.
AR# 557
Date 10/01/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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