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AR# 55866

Vivado - Can I copy or export a message from the Message console?


Is there a way to copy / paste or export the messages that appear in the Message window?

Example 1:  

I am receiving an error message in my project and would like to copy only a part of the message. 

For example, in the message below, I would like to select the INST name and copy it to the Find dialog within the PlanAhead tool:

Error: ConstraintSystem: 58 - Constraint <INST "YourInstanceName/gmii_txd*" TNM = "IN_GMII";> [top.ucf(139)]: INST "YourInstanceName/gmii_txd*" does not match any design objects.

Is there a way to copy part of the message?

Example 2: 

I have several messages that I would like to copy at one time and give as a reference to another user. 

Can I copy multiple messages?

Example 3:

I would like to export all messages in the Messages Console to a file for review.


Vivado does not have a process to export all message console messages to a file.

To copy a single message in the message console, right click on the message and select "Copy Message" 

To copy multiple messages in the message console, select all desired messages while holding the Shift or Ctrl key, then right click on a selected message and select "Copy Message"

From the Message Console, you are not able to select only a portion of the message.

If the message appears in the Tcl console or in the Log, any portion of the message can be copied.  

In order to get a portion of a message from the Message console, the message would first need to be pasted to another location or application.

Additionally, the messages that appear in the console will also be present in the runme.log file.  

Synthesis and Implementation messages are available in the .vds file (for synthesis and) or .vdi file for (implementation).

You can check them from there.

AR# 55866
Date 12/11/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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