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AR# 55875

14.x CORE Generator - ERROR:HDLCompiler:104 occurs when importing XCO of 3rd party into the an ISE project


I packaged my own IP in ISE.  I then generated an IP core for this IP and imported the XCO file (e.g. mycore_ngc_sel:1.0) into my ISE project.  When Synthesizing the design I got the following HDL Parsing Error:

ERROR:HDLCompiler:104 - "/proj/mycore_ngc_sel/VHDLXST/run/ise_cg/ipdir/mycore_ngc_sel_v1_0_synth.vhd"
Line 42: Cannot find <uart> in library <work>. Please ensure that the library was compiled,
and that a library and a use clause are present in the VHDL file.
Parsing entity <miniuart_ngc_sel_v1_0>.
ERROR:HDLCompiler:854 - "/proj/ise_cg/ipdir/mycore_ngc_sel_v1_0_synth.vhd" Line 44: Unit <mycore_ngc_sel_v1_0> ignored due to previous errors.
Parsing architecture <virtex6> of entity <mycore_ngc_sel_v1_0>.
ERROR:HDLCompiler:374 - "/proj/mycore_ngc_sel/VHDLXST/run/ise_cg/i
pdir/mycore_ngc_sel_v1_0_synth.vhd" Line 62: Entity <mycore_ngc_sel_v1_0> is not yet compiled.


CORE Generator is inserting a new 'library' clause in the synth wrapper when generating for an NGC file.


    LIBRARY work;
    USE work.UART;

Please try the following steps as a workaround:

1. Re-generate the cores in CORE Generator
2. Remove the new added clauses in the synth wrapper file (mycore_ngc_sel_v1_0_synth.vhd).
3. Import the new synth wrapper file (miniuart_ngc_sel_v1_0_synth.vhd) into the project and run XST. 
AR# 55875
Date 06/24/2013
Status Active
Type Known Issues
  • ISE Design Suite - 14
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