AR# 55952

CPRI v7.0 - MMCM Output Clock Changes


Due to the optimization behavior of the vivado synthesis tool, changes must be made to the component_name_tx_clk_gen.vhd file in the synth/gtx_and_clocks directory.


The following lines should be removed:

-- Select between the 6 possible output clocks.
-- As the mmcm_output_select input is a static
-- signal the tools should optimize this to a
-- single wire.
clkout0 <= clkout1_i when mmcm_output_select = "001" else
           clkout2_i when mmcm_output_select = "010" else
           clkout3_i when mmcm_output_select = "011" else
           clkout4_i when mmcm_output_select = "100" else
           clkout5_i when mmcm_output_select = "101" else
           clkout6_i when mmcm_output_select = "110" else

The clock should then be connected manually to the required MMCM clock output. As an example, if mmcm_output_select = 000, the above lines are replaced by:

clkout0 <= clkout0_i;

In Artix-7 FPGA implementations, the clkout1 signal should be manually connected in the same way.

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AR# 55952
Date 12/03/2013
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