AR# 56012


14.6 - Vivado/SDK - Invalid command name ps7_post_config error while running ps7_post_config method


In Zynq designs created in Vivado IP Integrator and exported to SDK, the error message below can be seen on the console, when trying to run any example application:

15:54:10 INFO : PS initialization will be done as it is not done before.
15:54:10 INFO : Running PS initialization....
15:54:10 INFO : ps7_init is completed.
15:54:11 ERROR : Unexpected error while launching program. java.lang.RuntimeException: Error while running ps7_post_config method.
invalid command name "ps7_post_config"
at com.xilinx.sdk.targetmanager.internal.TM.run_ps7_post_config(Unknown Source)
at com.xilinx.sdk.targetmanager.internal.TM.runPs7Init(Unknown Source)

How can this issue be addressed?


To work around this issue, the user must upgrade the processing_system7 IP from version 5.1 to 5.2.

Open the design in 2013.2 and upgrade the IP in IP Integrator and then re-export to SDK.
AR# 56012
Date 07/02/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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