AR# 56079


JESD204B v4.0 - Updated procedure for replacing the GT Wrappers in Vivado 2013.2


The 7 Series GT Wizard has changed to V2.6 in 2013.2. The procedure documented in JESD204 V4.0 refers to version 2.5 of the GT Wizard released in 2013.1


Follow the steps below when updating the Transceiver Wizard in JESD204 V4.0 delivered in Vivado 2013.2:

1) Generate the GT Wizard wrapper as described in PG066 ensuring the name matches exactly <corename>_gtwizard_v2_5_0

2) Modify the instantiation of the GT Wizard in the file <corename>_gtwizard_2_5_top.v provided with the JESD204 IP (not the version provided with the GT Wizard):

  • Change the case of all the ports to lowercase.
  • In certain configurations you may need to add the following signals and tie to ground to prevent warnings about port mismatches:
    .gt0_gtgrefclk_in (1'b0),
    .gt0_gtnorthrefclk0_in (1'b0),
    .gt0_gtnorthrefclk1_in (1'b0),
    .gt0_gtrefclk0_in (1'b0),
    .gt0_gtrefclk1_in (1'b0),
    .gt0_gtsouthrefclk0_in (1'b0),
    .gt0_gtsouthrefclk1_in (1'b0),

3) Recompile and continue as described in PG066.

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AR# 56079
Date 07/26/2013
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