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AR# 56090

2012.3 Vivado - Help for add_cells_to_pblocks lists "" argument as optional


In Vivado 2012.3, the help for add_cells_to_pblocks is

add_cells_to_pblock [-add_primitives] [-clear_locs] [-quiet] [-verbose] <pblock> [<cells>...]

"<cells>" is listed as optional. However, within the context of this command description cells are required, so, the online help is a bit misleading.


Another option, -top, is hidden which cannot be used with <cells>.

In Vivado Design Suite 2012.4, the help text for this command has been improved:

add_cells_to_pblock [-top] [-add_primitives] [-clear_locs] [-quiet] [-verbose]
<pblock> [<cells>...]
Name Description
[-top] Add the top level instance; This option can't be used
with -cells, or -add_primitives options. You must
specify either -cells or -top option.
[<cells>] Cells to add. You can't use this option with -top
option. You must specify either -cells or -top option.
AR# 56090
Date 11/11/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2012.3
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