AR# 5612


Foundation Express: Cannot find license file (-1,73:2) after installing 1.5i Service Pack


KEYWORDS: FPGA Express, Synopsys, icon, program, license


After installing the Express portion of the Foundation F1.5i Service Pack 1
with the default options set, you will see that you now have a Synopsys
program group. Attempting to start the standalone FPGA Express GUI
from this program group may lead to this message:

Cannot checkout an appropriate license for FPGA Express!

Clicking on OK leads to the following message:

ERROR STRING: Cannot find license file (-1,73:2) No such file or directory.


Rather than using the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable, as is the case with
Foundation Express, this particular executable will look for the license only
in C:\FlexLM. Placing your license.dat in this directory will allow you to
launch the FPGA Express GUI from this program group.

The Foundation Express icon within Xilinx Foundation Series ->
Accessories is unaffected by the upgrade to Express 3.1.
AR# 5612
Date 06/13/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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