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XAPP589 - XAPP1241 - All Digital VCXO Replacement (PICXO) - Design Assistant / Master Answer Record


This is the Master Answer Record for XAPP589 "All Digital VCXO Replacement for Gigabit Transceiver Applications (7 Series - Zynq 7000)" and XAPP1241 "All Digital VCXO Replacement for Gigabit Transceiver Applications (UltraScale FPGAs)"

It lists known issues, bugs and workarounds.


(Xilinx Answer 64002)
XAPP589 XAPP1241 v2.4 - Long runtime during route_design
(Xilinx Answer 65780) XAPP589 XAPP1241 v2.4 - ERROR: [Vivado 2-1106] update_macro: no cell found for cell name
(Xilinx Answer 65781) XAPP589 XAPP1241 v2.4 - VIVADO 2015.3 - Failure to create an example project using reference files.
(Xilinx Answer 66089) XAPP589 XAPP1241 v2.4 - Virtex-7 example design generates ERROR: [DRC 23-20] Rule violation (RPBF-1)......
(Xilinx Answer 67002) XAPP589 v2.4-ERROR: [PICXO-202] /U0/Inst_picxo_top set to GTX but no GT detected
(Xilinx Answer 63586) XAPP589 XAPP1241 v2.3 or later - How can I access the HW Version register?
(Xilinx Answer 56770) XAPP589 v2.2 - DRPDATA_USER_O is not provided with the code, why is this?
(Xilinx Answer 56771) XAPP589 XAPP1241 - Is it possible to simulate the PICXO?
(Xilinx Answer 57310) XAPP589 XAPP1241 - Place warnings [Place 30-568]
(Xilinx Answer 56821) XAPP589 - What version of tools and XAPP support GTH in 7-Series?
(Xilinx Answer 57675) XAPP589 XAPP1241 - Is there an example design for Xilinx demo boards?
(Xilinx Answer 59089) XAPP589 v2.1 - When using the VCXO secondary clocking scheme, pre_opt_design.tcl errors out
(Xilinx Answer 59116) XAPP589 XAPP1241 - What is the maximum limit of G2/G1?
(Xilinx Answer 62330) XAPP589 VCXO v2.2 - G1 / G2 Range is incorrect
(Xilinx Answer 62948) XAPP589 v2.2 - Artix-7 CRITICAL WARNING: [Designutils 20-964] and Warning [Vivado 12-3731 when targeting 15T, 35T & 50T devices 
(Xilinx Answer 62949) XAPP589 v2.2 - When targeting an Artix-7 Device the following error can be seen [Designutils 20-941]
(Xilinx Answer 63649) XAPP589 v2.2 - pre_opt.tcl finds an extra PICXO and generates "WARNING: [Vivado 12-508]"  and "ERROR: [PICXO-202]  is not supported" and ERROR: [Common 17-55]
(Xilinx Answer 53537) 14.x PlanAhead (XAPP589) "CRITICAL WARNING: [Shape Builder 18-146] Failed to build an RLOC shape for set vcxo_rloc..."

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