AR# 56250


System Generator 14.6 - Can I use MATLAB R2013a with System Generator for DSP 14.6?


I see MATLAB R2012a and R2012b are supported for System Generator for DSP 14.6, but I have MATLAB R2013a installed and expected this to also be supported.

Is it possible to use this version of MATLAB or not?


ISE System Generator 14.6 supports both MATLAB versions R2012a and R2012b, and a patch is available for Windows 7 32- and 64-bit platforms for R2013a.

MATLAB R2013a is not supported by System Generator on Linux platforms for ISE 14.6 design tools release.

This patch can be requested from Xilinx Technical Support by opening a WebCase, or by contacting your FAE to open a WebCase on your behalf.

Please Note: Vivado System Generator 2013.2 does support R2013a on all platforms without any additional patch.

ISE System Generator 14.7 does not require this patch, both R2013.a and R2013b are supported with ISE 14.7. If possible, users should upgrade to 14.7.

AR# 56250
Date 11/12/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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