AR# 56291


XPE revision 2013.1 (and earlier) reports incorrect Power-On Current for all Virtex-7 devices - Known Issues


XPE revision 2013.1 (and earlier) is reporting incorrect Power-On Current for all Virtex-7 devices. The data sheet (DS183, v1.16, May 15, 2013) has updated Power-On Current values in Table 7, but these updates are not included in XPE revision 2013.1.  This is a known issues answer record for XPE revision 2013.1 (and earlier).


Total power-on current for any rail on any device is a sum of the quiescent current plus an additional (extra) power-on current due to transistors within the device charging up.  When the total of the quiescent current plus the additional power-on current exceeds the normal static current from the design entries, XPE signifies this by showing the reported values in blue text.  However, the power-on current portion of the values used in XPE 2013.1 are from an earlier revision of the Virtex-7 data sheet, and the Iccint Power-On currents in Table 7 increase for some devices; for example, for the 1140T device, this current rose from 3525 mA to 8000 mA.  This issue is to be fixed in the 2013.2 XPE revision.  Until that revision is available, the Power-On Current values can be estimated using the Virtex-7 data sheet, Tables 6 and 7. 

The total static plus dynamic power once the FPGA is configured with a design will usually supersede the power-on current, and therefore the power-on current typically has little impact on regulator sizing.

AR# 56291
Date 06/20/2013
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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